How It Works

The Anatomy of Boomerang Bills.

For a small monthly fee, medical providers can become a member of the Boomerang Bills Network. After that, little changes on your end. Patients come to our website to enter the weekly sweepstakes. Every bill or expense a patient pays gives them another opportunity to win. 

We offer in-office marketing support to drive participation. We’ll provide you with posters for the waiting room and exam rooms, flyers for in-office payments as well as your patient statements.  Of course, we also manage the sweepstakes entries, giveaways and payments.  The only thing you’ll have to get used to is being paid on time!

All the patient has to do is pay you as they normally would.  You control how they pay their bill: cash, check, credit card...however you currently accept payments.  Then the patient visits our website and submits their entry.  Yes, it's really that simple.

Once per week, Boomerang Bills will randomly select one person to get reimbursed for their bill - up to $1,000!  Of course, we're footing the bill.  If your patient wins, we will contact you to verify that a timely payment was made. If everything checks out, we will send your patient a check via certified mail.  Winners are selected and paid within seven days.

We are even certified HIPAA compliant so everything remains strictly confidential!


Provider FAQ

Is Boomerang Bills HIPAA compliant?
Yes, we are!  At all times, your patient's healthcare information remains private – in fact, we never even have access to their medical records.  Click here to view our HIPAA Compliance Certification.

How much does it cost to join the Boomerang Bills Network?
About seven Starbucks coffees. Click here to see our pricing plans.

How do our patients enter the sweepstakes?
Your patients pay you as they normally would. Then they come to to submit their entry in the next weekly drawing. Or, they can enter via the alternative method of entry because there is no purchase necessary.  That's it. 

Do they have to pay their entire bill to enter or can they pay a portion of it?
They can pay a lesser amount, typically as part of a payment installment plan that has been arranged with you. Just remember, if they are the selected winner, we will reimburse them for the actual amount they paid you, up to $1,000. 

How do you select a winner?
Once per week, a winner is selected from all entries received through the Boomerang Bills Network. We have partnered with to handle the drawings. This makes sure that everything is truly fair, unbiased, and random. Otherwise, we would have partnered with

How much can my patients win?
Winners receive the amount they paid their doctor, up to $1,000.

Who exactly is paying the winner?
That’s all on us. This really is painless.

When are the weekly drawings held?
No one likes Mondays. So we chose Mondays to give away the money. We will select the winner from the entries received the prior week.

When and how will winners be paid?
Once the winner is selected, we’ll contact the medical provider to confirm the amount paid matches the amount that was indicated on the sweepstakes entry. Once verified, we’ll mail the winner, via certified mail, a check up to $1,000. Typically, we are able to mail the check to the winner within seven days of the drawing.

I know someone who might be interested in offering Boomerang Bills to their patients.  How do I let you know who they are?
For every fellow doctor or healthcare provider you send our way that signs up, we’ll give you $50. You could pay for medical school like this.  Just submit their information here

Do my patients have to make a payment to enter the sweepstakes?
No, there is no purchase necessary to enter.  Please view our Official Rules for more information.

What if I have more questions or a suggestion?
Give us a shout anytime to We promise to reply within 24 hours.


HIPAA Compliance

Boomerang Bills is HIPAA compliant. In fact, when your office joins the Boomerang Bills Network, you must agree to adhere to our strict privacy policies, including keeping your patient's personal healthcare information private.  

We never actually communicate with you about your patient unless they are a winner. At all times your patient's healthcare information remains private - that's between you and your patient.
If your patient is the selected winner, we will need to verify that a payment was actually made to your office. We’ll contact you to let you know which patient was the selected winner and ask you to verify that a) you received a payment on the associated account and b) the amount they received matches the amount submitted with the entry. That’s it.

Click here to view our HIPAA Compliance Certification