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We're Changing the Psychology of Bill Paying!

You Didn’t Become a Doctor to be a Banker.

Your number one job is to take care of people. But that doesn’t mean you should take care of their finances, too. When you’re constantly floating money and tracking down co-pays and deductibles, your practice can feel more like a bank than a doctor’s office.

Well, we have a way to make you feel better, too.

With Boomerang Bills, patients who pay their invoices on time can enter a weekly sweepstakes to win the total amount of their payment back, up to $1000. We gameify the process so you get paid faster. Drawings happen every week, giving patients multiple opportunities (and multiple incentives) to pay their bills by the due date. When your patients pay promptly, we reward them! No purchase is necessary to enter; please see Official Rules for more detail.


of patients wait for the second invoice to pay


wait for the final invoice



of invoices 3 months old are uncollectible


of invoices 6 months old are uncollectible